Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Moong Dal Chakli

Moong Dal Chakli
Moong Dal Chakli- super easy, quick snack and the taste is simply awesome. Do try it to know better and let me know if you feel the same way as my family did.


1 cup Moong Dal

2 cup water

3 cups of Maida

green chilli paste (optional)

Salt to taste


1.Put 3 cups of maida in a towel and tie it tight and steam it in a cooker for 20 mins.

2. When cooled, roll it with a rolling pin.

3. Sieve it and keep it aside to avoid lumps later.

4. Pressure cook 1 cup moong dal with 2 cups of water. Grind the moong dal to a fine paste and add salt to taste and green chilli paste . 

5. Now mix moong dal puree with maida and make a dough. 

6. Finally put it the Chakli mould and deep fry until golden brown on low/ medium flame.

Enjoy with your evening tea.

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