Friday, July 19, 2013

Pineapple Jam - Home Made

Freshly home made Pineapple Jam feels heavenly. This recipe is from my mom and after tasting it my son has been on regular demand for this jam every time he finds this lovely fruit in the market. My granny knows quite a lot of jams and ketchups but I still didn't get a chance to learn those from her. I am quite happy atleast I learnt one jam and that is this delicious- Pineapple Jam. I never thought preparing the jam at home is that easy. It was so handy that everyone in the family stopped asking for chutneys for dosa's or chapati's till this jam jar went empty.

Pineapple Jam - Home Made

I really found preparing jam at home so easy with no preservatives and other thickening agents. Its just Pineapple , sugar and a pinch of salt. So, why wait go ahead and give at a try ASAP. You can add some spices too, but my mom's recipe doesn't include that so we skipped it. 

Lets head straight to the recipe


Pineapple puree - 1 cup

Sugar -  3/4 cup (or as per your taste levels and the sweetness of the fruit)

A Pinch of salt


1. Remove the outer skin of the pineapple and start grating it leaving the middle hard part aside. We are not gonna use this. 

2. Take the measuring cup and measure the grated pineapple puree along with the juices and pour it in a wide heavy bottom vessel or wok. Measure the sugar and mix all the ingredients together.

3. Switch on the flame and adjust it to low- medium heat and give it a stir once in 2 mins initially. Continue the process for 20- 30 mins till you find the mixture gets combined and starts thickening. Don't bother if you find a hint of liquid in it. It gets thickened up when cooled completely.

4. Store it in an air-tight container and refrigerate and use it when needed with a clean spoon.

Spread over a bread slice or a slice tossed with butter or with hot dosa's or chapati's, you will surely gonna like it. Do try and let me know the feedback.

Pineapple Jam - Home Made

Note: Choosing Pineapple for jams is a must. Choose the fruit which is not over ripe or unripe.

Since we are not using any preservatives, its preferably to store the jam in a refrigerator and use it accordingly with a clean spoon. 

You can use some spices like cloves and cardamom. Its all left to your tastebuds.

Adjust the sugar quantity as per your taste and the sweetness of Pineapple.


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