Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chicken Benzule - Mangalorean Street Food

Chicken Benzule-Mangalorean Street food

Today's post is one of the street food which is found mainly in South Karnataka especially in Mangalore region. It's Chicken Benzule. I don't know what the name suggests. I guess it might be a Tulu word or so. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coconut Chutney - Hotel/Restaurant Style

South Indian breakfast is not complete without a chutney. Be it dosa's ,idli's, vada's, upma's or any rice item like vangi baath, people need chutneys, especially coconut chutney. Even the hotels and restaurants serve chutneys with almost all breakfast dishes here in South India.
Coconut Chutney - Hotel style

Friday, September 5, 2014

King Fish Fry - Goan Style (tava fry)

Fish Rava Fry - Gaon Style

Think Goa! First thing comes to my mind is food especially seafood. We are just back from a much awaited Goa trip. My granny as usual prepared this delicious King Fish (Iswon) Fry and its curry soon after the Ganesh festival. Yummy! I am still drooling looking at this fish fry. Give it anytime a day, I would be happy to grab them. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SolKadi / Kokum Curry/ Kokum Drink with Coconut

SolKadhi /kokum curry

Kokum Curry also known as Sol Kadhi is a very popular drink in Konkan region especially in Goa and Maharastra. My granny prepares this almost everyday in Goa. It can be prepared with or without coconut. It's usually served with hot steamed rice or you can have it as a drink with your food. I like to have it both way. This Kadhi is also very good for digestion purpose.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mutton Sukka

Mutton Sukka

Mutton Sukka is one of the most popular tradional dish found in almost all non-veg restaurants. Though we love mutton dishes, it adds to my menu very rare. Hence, you will find less mutton recipes in my space. Check out, Green Mutton curry recipe here.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Curry Leaves/ Karibevina Chutney

Curry Leaves Chutney

Curry leaves also known as Karibevu in Kannada and Kadipatta in Hindi has lots and lots of health benefits. We, South Indians can't imagine cooking any curry without this fresh curry leaves. It is rich in iron, folic acids, Vitamin A, B ,C, E , amino acids, calcium and lots of other minerals too. It helps in keeping a check on diabetes, cholesterol levels and even helps in delaying premature hair greying.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hesarubele Unde/ Moong Dal Ladoo

Today's special post is Hesarubele Unde means Ladoo made of yellow moong dal. Shravan month has already started and lot of festivals this month. Last week was Nagarpanchami. This friday is Varamahalakshi Pooja , sunday -Raksha Bandhan, next week is Independence day and then a very much awaited Ganesh Chaturthi also falls in this month. Festival mood means lots of celebration, guests, and SWEETS. So why now celebrate this festive mood with some quick and easy sweets prepared at home. Hasarubele Ladoo is just right for such celebrations. After trying hands on Besan Ladoo and Rava Ladoo, I gave a try on this split green moong dal ladoo and my son loved it. 

Here's the recipe of Hesarubele ladoo or Moong Dal Ladoo

Monday, August 4, 2014

Shifted to my New Domain

Hi Friends

Finally I got my new domain registered. Yes! I shifted from sizzlingtastebuds.blogspot.in to my new domain  Supriyashomemaderecipes.com. Thanks to the readers and my friends for motivating me to come this far. I promise to keep this nest alive with more interesting recipes which I come across. Thanks one and all.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eggless Mango Cupcakes

It's the end of mango season and I wanted to try baking with this juicy fruit. I made cupcakes out of this without any frosting. Its very simple and quick. This is the first time I baked this cake and my husband trying it for the first time said I didn't know this cake tasted so heavenly! Isn't that a sweet compliment! Try this out friends. It tastes too good. Rush! Go ! Get those ripe mangoes before they are gone else you will have to wait for another year to taste it again.

Mango Cake - Eggless

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peanut Capsicum Masala ( No Onion/ No Garlic)

I like trying new dishes every now and then and if it's easily with very less ingredients, I don't give it a miss. I saw this recipe in a regional cookery show and found it interesting. Its a Jain Recipe as it doesn't include onion or garlic in it. I love capsicums too and that's always available in my fridge. The main ingredients here is capsicum( bell peppers) and peanuts. We had this for breakfast the other day with hot chapati's and everyone loved it. It was as usual a busy morning as my kid had to rush to school and hubby to office. Since my mom was with me that day, she took hold of the kitchen work and insisted me to take a picture. I love her support. Thank u Ma :)

Peanut- Capsicum Masala

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tomato Gojju

It's been a long time since my last post here. Been very busy these days juggling with the daily household cores and my two naughty sons. With the cute naughty member added to our small family, life has been too busy and complete. Just to enjoy the early stages of my son who is just 5 months old, I hardly get any time to blog. I am yet to learn the new taste and needs of my cute little one. Been clicking photos but to post I give an excuse as BUSY! haha! Still! I will try my best to be regular in my posts here :)

Today's recipe is Tomato Gojju. This is very simple and tasty dish with a very few ingredients. It tastes delicious with chapati's and dosa's as a side dish. Now that tomatoes are cheap, you can go ahead and try this out asap.
Tomato Gojju

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cashkaro.com Review - India's Best CashBack and Coupons Site

Who doesnot like to shop? Are you not a shopping freak like me? I hardly find any! And in today's era, online shopping is a trend. You get everything online nowadays. And how would it be if you get cashback and discounts both together for the shopping you do. Sounds interesting ? Yes! here's a site named Cashkaro, India's Best Cash Back and Coupons Site which does that. You get exciting discounts for the products and also some cash back from this site. No! No! I am not joking! I tried it myself before writing this review and I always shop online only through Cashkaro.com nowadays. So I thought of sharing this genuine site with you all.

Cashkaro.com pays you for every purchase made online through their site. You can puchase anything like Apparels, Electronics (Mobiles, Computers, Laptops, Tablet...), Furnitures, or even online bus tickets or ordering food online. And Yes! Cahback is in the form of CASH.

How does Cashkaro.com work?

Cashkaro.com have tied up with 500+ partner brands like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, RedBus , Snapdeal etc.They provide coupons that are much higher and beneficial than the coupons that are already running in retailers site. So just remember to login Cashkaro.com and then follow the link to your desired retailer website for online purchasing. This way your transactions are tracked. Retailers pay Cashkaro.com their commission and Cashkaro pays you Cash Back! How cool is that !!

My Experience with Cashkaro.com

My Experience with Cashkaro.com was great. My first purchase was with Myntra.com via Cashkaro site. I got Rs.180 cash back from Cashkaro + 35% discount on the product from Myntra.com. This was credited to my Cashkaro account and then confirmed within a couple of days I received the parcel from Myntra. I was so excited to get some cash back for my purchase. Now I stick to cashkaro for any online shopping I do. Once my cash was confirmed from Cashkaro.com, I did my second purchase for baby diapers from Amazon.in. And I found that site too very good. I saved almost Rs.200 on the baby diapers which included 7.50% cashback from cashkaro.com . After cash confirmation from Amazon through Cashkaro.com, I have done lots of online shopping and also booked a ticket to our native from RedBus through cashkaro. It saved Rs.50 for every ticket above Rs.500 + Rs.45 cash back from Cashkaro. My online shopping done from Fabfurnish was not tracked. In such cases, we can raise a Missing Ticket in Cashkaro and give all the details of our order. The rest will be taken care of cashkaro.com. So no worries!  I trust this site completely. Cashkaro.com is a genuine site for Coupons and Cash back. 

How to use Cashkaro.com?

1. Create your free Cashkaro account by clicking here.
2. Choose the site you want to visit for online shopping from their 500+ sites. Or just type the site name in the search engine and click enter. You will get a list of offers, coupon code and cashback deals. Click on the relevant link and visit your desired site for shopping.
3. Nothing more to do now, the link you clicked will direct you to your desired site and you can place an order directly there. You can even opt for Cash on Delivery option. Your order will be tracked and later your cash will be offered or deposited to your cashkaro account.
4. Once you reach Rs.250 in your Cashkaro earnings, you can redeeem it. Minimum amount to redeem your cash is Rs.250. Payment is made via cheque or online fund transfer to your bank (NEFT).


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chicken Onion Pakoda

Chicken Onion Pakoda

Chicken Onion Pakoda is a spicy deep fried starter which has some veggies like capsicum and onion involved. Its so easy to prepare and a perfect dish for any get-together with friends or kitty parties. Adding onions and capsicum give it a different delicious taste than the regular good old ones. I found this recipe on one of the cookery channel. They called it as Degree Chicken. I have no idea why its called by that name ;). Please share it if you guys know it. Everyone at home liked it, so I had to hurry  up to grab some pieces for the click :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spicy Crunchy Chickpeas (Baked)

Spicy Crunchy Chickpeas
Spicy Crunchy chickpeas is perfect evening snack or call it anytime snack to munch on. This was in my drafts for a long time and finally the day has arrived to be published on my blog.

Try this easy roasted crunchy chickpeas munching snack for your tea soon and everyone will love it :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Tava Naan - (Yeast FREE) - How to make Naan on Stove top


Naan is very popular Indian bread which is traditional made in a tandoor style charcoal oven. I prepared this with creamy Restaurant style Malai Kofta on stove top. Restaurants use yeast while preparing Naan. You can always experiment Naan with different toppings like garlic, butter,etc.  Today's post is YEAST FREE , soft Indian flatbread made on stove top.

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